The Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings Project now has over 250 partners in 67 countries, ready to bring the voices of more than 500 economically insecure, socially excluded, or marginalized communities into the current sustainable development discussions. This is an unprecedented phenomenon. Never before have so many sidelined communities around the world come together to speak out – collectively – to influence policy. The main goal of these Field Hearings is to learn how best to empower and assist communities in moving towards equitable and sustainable development by asking the people themselves for their perspectives.

Click here (FieldHearingsSlideShow2013) to see a slide show on the Field Hearings Project, download the 2012 report here (Waiting to be Heard June 2012 IfE), read more about the project here. We are looking for more partners globally, but especially in Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Please contact us at if you can conduct a Field Hearing in your community. Join us!