We welcome your involvement in the Goal 10 Consultation!


The Goal 10 Consultation is a global initiative gathering input on how to achieve Goal 10 of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) : “Reduce inequality within and among countries“.


Gathering community input through Field Hearings is a grassroots process, designed to ensure that disadvantaged communities are able to have their voices heard on how best to reduce inequalities. After communities give their ideas, we can follow up by providing platforms for national and international collaboration to achieve the recommended solutions. In the process, we are building a stronger global network of activists, researchers and communities working together towards more equitable societies.


We need your help with the following:

  • Local civil society organizations or researchers willing to gather input in a nearby community, using our questionnaire
  • Local communities interested in participating in the Consultation by giving their input
  • Ideas for the most important issues (related to inequality) to address in your country or internationally
  • Field Hearings take place as public meetings, focus group discussions, or one-on-one interviews
  • Our questionnaires (see below) must be completed, translated back into English, and submitted to us (along with videos and/or photos, if possible)
  • We also want your ideas for the best ways to present the results and influence decisions


For more information

Information on how to get involved and conduct a Field Hearing in your community is available in the following documents:

1. STEPS for Field Hearings 2022

2. NOTES on Conducting Field Hearings 2022

3. POLICY on Media Coverage of Field Hearings 2022

4. QUESTIONNAIRE for Field Hearings 2022


We need your input, wherever you are in the world! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have, and to get involved.


Contact:  deborah.rogers@initiativeforequality.org

Thank you very much for your participation, which makes it possible to gather the voices of these communities and make them heard!