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We welcome your involvement in the Field Hearings network!



(Field Hearing in Nigeria)


The Field Hearings are part of a rapidly expanding global movement with more than 300 partner organizations in over 80 countries.

Field Hearings are designed to ensure that disadvantaged and marginalized communities are able to have their voices heard in national and international decision-making on development. When communities and partners are interested, we follow up by discussing the possibilities for community-initiated development. In the process, we are building a strong global network of activists, researchers and communities working towards more equitable and sustainable development.


(map of 84 countries where we are organized to conduct Field Hearings; see list of countries here)


Call for new Field Hearings Partners to expand the project

Now we are scaling up our global Participatory Monitoring & Accountability network to have a global impact on how development is approached. We are seeking new partners in each region of the world to facilitate citizen monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation, and to help communities to hold governments and international agencies accountable for progress towards meeting these goals. Read more…


We need your help with the following:

  • Local civil society organizations or researchers willing to serve as partners
  • Local communities interested in participating in the citizen monitoring by giving their feedback
  • Ideas for the most important issues to monitor in your country
  • Field Hearings take place as public meetings, focus group discussions, or one-on-one interviews
  • Transcripts or questionnaires completed, translated back into English, and submitted along with videos and/or photos
  • Ideas for the best ways to present the results and influence governments


For more information

Information on how to get involved and conduct a Field Hearing in your community is available in the following documents:


We need you, wherever you are** in the world! Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have, and to get involved:


**  We are especially excited about bringing the U.S. into the global Field Hearings network. There is a pervasive myth that everyone in the U.S. is doing well. In the U.S., people know that this is not true, but they tend to blame individuals for their own situation rather than recognizing the systemic causes of poverty and marginalization. We want to bring marginalized communities from the U.S. (and around the world) into the global Field Hearings network in order to reveal shared mechanisms of poverty and inequality, and to build solidarity around common solutions and actions.