Arts for Equality Action Group


Arts for Equality is an Action Group for people around the world who would like to work together to use artistic expression to promote a new paradigm of social, economic & political equality.


2.a.1.1. WallArt

(political art in the Philippines)


We invite you to join Arts for Equality (AfE), a new Action Group within Initiative for Equality’s Equity Action Collaborative project. AfE will provide opportunities for global collaborations among artists and others who are interested in promoting cultural transformation towards greater social, economic and political inequality. We are interested in opening up the global dialogue on overcoming inequalities to include the cultural as well as the political; the intuitive and emotional as well as the academic and rational; non-western perspectives as well as western.

Activities and contributions we envision include a broad range: videos and multimedia presentations; stories, poems and theater; visual arts; music; and carefully crafted messages to challenge and inspire people in societies around the world. Decision-making within the group will be fully participatory; everyone will have a voice and a role.

We are open to group members who are committed to a cultural transformation towards greater levels of equality, and interested in working through story-telling, literature, theater, film, the visual arts, music, and other creative forms of expression. Please be willing to contribute your time and creativity as you collaborate with other like-minded people around the world to build a powerful cultural movement to change our societies.

If you are interested in becoming part of this effort, please email us at:

We hope you will join with us!